Welcome To Retro Sensei

Welcome To Retro Sensei
Photo by Derek Story / Unsplash

Hello, hello Retro Gamers!

If you come to this website, you've seen already the magic word "Newsletter". Yes, such things still exist but there isn't anything special related to retro gaming, console modders, or retro game collectors.

This is why I'm here with Retro Sensei, a newsletter created for all retro lovers.

You can Sign up right now and join this community, no spam, no fake information only weekly selected articles from around the world related to retro games, consoles, and modding. There will be a place for selected videos from great people who makes the retro world better for all of us.

Of course, if you want to help and suggest some great content, or co-create a newsletter, feel free to get in touch via Contact Us page.

Retro Sensei newsletter will start sending weekly e-mails from the 2nd of September 2022. After a month will revisit if Friday is the best time for it or if we should switch to Monday.

If this isn't enough, add website to your RSS reader to keep an eye for occasional articles, reviews, shop reviews, and more.