Disney buys Fox!

OMG. It happened! Disney has purchased Fox! This news is about as big as the Star Wars acquisition several years ago. For those of you who might not be in the know, allow me to explain.

First, as most of my readers are aware, Disney own’s the rights to Marvel’s cinematic universe. However, Fox retained prior rights to some Marvel properties. Namely, X-Men and Fantastic Four. Now that this merger has occurred, these two key Fox holdouts can finally be brought into the fold.

Comic fans will be quick to tell you just how important an X-Men and Avengers cross-over would be. And now, we may finally see it happen. Of course, there are still still plenty of questions. For example, does this mean that the X-Men films are getting a reboot in order to fit into the MCU? Many are claiming the answer is “no”. However, I tend to disagree.

Think back to some of the recent Avengers films… We saw the characters of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch… except, they weren’t “Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch” – those names were owned by Fox. So, Marvel couldn’t come right out and use those proper names.  Since we already have some “X-Men” characters showing up in the MCU, I feel it would be difficult for Marvel to merge the two existing universes together without some sort of major story-telling wizardry. Of course, anything is possible and time will certainly tell.

Personally, if any Fox property is need of a proper reboot, it’s Fantastic Four. Every on-screen incarnation of this property has been absolutely dismal. Granted, F4 by it’s very nature is going to be difficult to adapt to the big screen. But, the films we’ve been given thus far were just… horrific.

Regardless, it’s an exciting time to be a nerd!

In other news, the big question on my mind is…  does this mean that we finally get to add the 21st Century Fox Fanfare back to the beginning of the Star Wars theme??!

Star Wars: Rebels – Season 1


The first season of Star Wars Rebels has come to an end. So here are my thoughts on the show thus far.

Overall, I feel the show has been a success but with a few minor rough edges. The first half of the season seemed a bit directionless. I understand the goal of the first few episodes are to establish characters and upcoming plot points, but even so, I was left feeling like it dragged by. A big point of controversy, was with the re-airing of the pilot on ABC. The ABC version was a re-cut that featured James Earl Jones reprising his role as Darth Vader. Many fans missed this awesome scene as a result. For the record, this is NOT the version of the Rebels debut episode that is available for purchase on DVD. So fans may want to wait for a definitive season one package to finally see this version of the first episode.

By mid-season, the show has started to pick up and we were treated to a Bill Dee Williams cameo, reprising his role of Lando. While it was nice to see Lando again, I have to admit that this felt a little forced. Thankfully, the show finished strong with the last three or four episodes being simply amazing. Since the finale is almost a week old, I’ll go ahead and post some spoilers:

In the finale, we learn that a band of “rebels” are not alone. They are but a single cell in the larger network. Ie: The Rebellion we all know and love. We find that this rebellion is indeed lead by Bail Organa and also features…. Ashoka Tano! Yes, one of our favorite characters from The Clone Wars has finally made her return and now as a full grown adult. Naturally, this leaves fans with many questions. What an excellent set up to season two. The series finale completely turned me around from feeling luke-warm on the series to being full of excitement.

I look forward to getting my hands on a complete season Blu-Ray in the future and binge watching to see if my attitude towards the first half of the season has changed any.

In the meantime, Star Wars fans have a lot to keep themselves occupied with. The third novel in the new continuity was just released, Kevin Hearne’s: Heir to the Jedi. The first issues of Marvel’s the Princess Leia mini-series just dropped, and there’s a handful of new novels scheduled for release in the coming months. December will be here before we know it.

Nerd Shock!

Today the nerd-world was rocked with news that Disney has acquired Lucasfilm. Yes. You heard right… On top of that, it was also announced that Disney will be producing a new Star Wars trilogy. Again, you read that correctly. Star Wars Episode VII VIII and IX are now a reality.

What does this mean for the all the “expanded universe” novels out there? No one knows yet. Stay tuned… I’m far from done with this topic.

Once Halloween is out of the way and I’m done with this Castlvania playthrough, I’ll have some comments on this shocking bizarro-world we’re now apparently living in.