Castlevania Playthrough Update

Well, it’s Halloween. I think now it’s obvious that I’m not going to meet my goal of playing through every legacy Castlevania title before the end of the day. But, I gave it a good shot!

I’m almost finished with Curse of Darkness. After which, I have two more DS titles and a Wii game. At this point the original series is complete. There is of course a remake of Castlevania Adventure on the Wii virtual console, and then a quirky multiplayer mashup. I’m going to continue with the playthrough and hopefully finish up in November.

I have admittedly been distracted by a number of things. The original version of Final Fantasy XIV is about to end. I have been very busy collecting once-in-a-lifetime achievements for the game, as well as playing the new Wizardry Online beta.

I plan to restore some normalcy to the blog in the coming days, so stay tuned.

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